How do I register for the training?

Send the registration form (found at the end of the commercial proposal), filled in, for email treinamentos@it4biz.com.br.

Where can I find a calendar of scheduled courses?

The programming schedule is available on our site www.it4biz.com.br, at the training page on the top bar.

Can there be changes in the dates listed on the calendar?

Yes, there may be changes, depending on the minimum number of participants or schedule changes.

What is the training location address?

In Sao Paulo: Avenida Brigadeiro Luis Antonio 2050, 1st floor, Bela Vista (it is 150 meters from the Brigadeiro Luis Antonio subway station).
In Brasilia: CRS 502, Block C, entry 22, South Wing
In other cities it is necessary to see the training address in the commercial proposal.

Where can I stay?

Next to the training site in Sao Paulo:

Mercure Sao Paulo Paulista
Rua Sao Carlos do Pinhal, 87 – Sao Paulo,
(11) 3372-6800 · accorhotels.com

Maksoud Plaza
Alameda Campinas, 150 – Sao Paulo,
(11) 3145-8000 · maksoud.com.br

Transamerica International Plaza
Alameda Santos, 981 – Jardim Paulista – Sao Paulo,
(11) 3146-5966

Ibis Sao Paulo Paulista
Avenida Paulista, 2355 – Sao Paulo,
(11) 3523-3000 · accorhotels.com

Next to the training site in Brasilia:

Comfort Suites Brasilia
SHN Quadra 04, Block D – Brasilia – DF
(61) 3424-6000 · atlanticahotels.com.br

Mercure Brasilia Lider
SHN Quadra 5 Block I – Brasilia – DF
(61) 3426-4000 · accorhotels.com

Aristus Hotel
SHN Qd 2 The Block – Brasilia – DF
(61) 3328-8675 · aristushotel.com.br

El Pilar Hotel
SHN Quadra F-03 Block – Brasilia – DF
(61) 3533-5900 · elpilar.com.br

Hotel Casablanca
SHN BlocoA 03 – Asa Norte, Brasília – DF
(61) 3328-8586 · casablancabrasilia.com.br

Hotel Metropolitan Flat
Block H – Sobradinho, Brasília – DF
(61) 3961-3500

San Marco
BL DR 5 C, Southern Hotel Sector, Brasília – DF
(61) 2103-8484

Kubitschek Plaza Hotek
SHN Quadra 2 Block E – Brasilia – DF
(61) 3329-3333 · plazabrasilia.com.br

What trainings does IT4Biz offers?

Visit our training page and check out the list of courses we offer.

What is the number of students per class?

In the open classes offered by IT4Biz, we take from 8 to 16 students, maximum, per class. In in-company training, the number of participants is determined by the customer.

Are there practical parts in the trainings?

Yes, all courses have theoretical and practical parts integrated, giving the student a better use and understanding of the content.

Are the training programs certified by any regulatory body?

The courses taught by IT4Biz are unique and custom, and, although not tied to certifications regulators, our courses have their own certificates issued.

Does IT4Biz sells the educational material?

No. To obtain the teaching material, it it required to participate the training.

What is the basis of the teaching material?

The courseware developed by IT4Biz was based both on experiences in the companys real open source software projects, as in the technical documentation and books available.

What are the payment forms?

At the sight, or in installments, up to 18 times, on credit card, by PayPal.

How do I request a training in my city / company?

We offer training courses for closed groups or in-company in the city of the customer.
To receive a proposal, please send an email to treinamentos@it4biz.com.br, stating:
– Full Name, Title and e-mail from the requesting person;
– Company Name, Tax ID and address;
– Number of participants of the course;
– Training Location;
– Suggested date for the training;
– Profile of the participants of the training;
– Specific customer requirements;
– Reason / expectancy for the hiring of training

Are there prerequisites for training?

Yes. Students should have minimum knowledge of databases.

What are the hours that classes can be taught?

Morning: 08:00 to 12:00;
Afternoon: 13:00 to 18:00;
Night-time: 19:00 to 23:00;
Full time: 08:30 to 17:30.
IT4biz is quite flexible with time and can adapt* the training for the best time for your company.

* Some adjustments may cause additional costs.